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3944 Illinois 111, Pontoon Beach, IL

By filling liquid oxygen cylinders on site, we can fill your owned cylinders while you wait.

We now fill liquid oxygen

​All items are shop blasted and sealed with a clear coating to make them look brand new when you get them back.

We do every thing we can to provide fast and friendly services.  Most rushed orders we can deliver the same day, and our staff is ready to try to help even outside of our typical hours.

Unlike most swap out cages we will fill your propane tanks to its full capacity.  Filling on site also makes it possible for you to keep the same tank.  At $19.00 for a 20 Lb propane refill we are giving you the most for your money.


Our reliable and experienced staff provide fast turnaround at a fraction of the cost of a replacement.

We are proud to be the only in-house torch and regulator repair facility in the metro area. 


Tel: (618)931-1010

​Fax: (618)931-1013​

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